About This Site

My name is Evan Conaway.  I work in television and write comedy.  I also used to research a lot of movies for my job.  As a result of constantly examining films, over time I started jotting down my thoughts and sharing them with others.  This site is a result of this need to express my feelings on movies that I watch.

Now I won’t be providing academic takes or deep cuts; that’s not what this site is for.  There are many folks fighting the good fight on that angle.  Instead, a lot of what I write will be at best tongue-in-cheek takes on genre films, cult titles, low-budget indies, and even the odd ball made-for-tv flick.  My ultimate goal isn’t to disparage; it’s to show that these films exist.  Cinema is an art form, and not even the lesser works deserve to be forgotten, even if we find them poorly made or distasteful.  I find value in all movies, even if that value is simply “don’t make a movie like this one.”

I hope you enjoy what I write.  I hope at the very least it elicits a chuckle.  Most important to me, however, is that I hope you discover a film you’ve never heard of and take the time to track down.  The pleasure of finding something new to appreciate in some form is what drives me, and I hope I can share that feeling with you.