Dead Weekend (1995)

Dead Weekend is kind of like Repo Man with Emilio Estevez, in that it has a punk aesthetic mixed in with its tale of overly zealous government forces and an unknown force. Also, punks show up, and they’re violent. Both appear to be set in Los Angeles. Both movies end the same way too, with Estevez in Repo Man and Baldwin in Dead Weekend climbing into a vehicle that flies away into space. But the major difference is that unknown force; instead of being a thing stuck in the trunk of a Chevrolet Malibu that kills people who look at it, it instead is a shape-changing alien that Stephen Baldwin has sex with a lot. Yeah, Dead Weekend is what Repo Man would have been if it were trying desperately to be a bad softcore porno. Hey, Showtime made this movie, so what did you expect?

An alien has landed on Earth sometime in the nebulous future. The militant True World Forces, in an effort to not alarm the general public and enable the opportunity to kill the alien and a whole bunch of street gangs, claim that a major earthquake is imminent and order the area evacuated under martial law. The TWF guys then wander around and kill anyone left behind, get drunk, and kill more of anyone left behind. The gangs meanwhile fight back and set up ambushes. A rogue punk DJ also hacks into the TWF broadcast and gives the gangs messages about the TWF’s true goals and generally tries to help them take the fight to the man.

That would have made for an interesting movie. Unfortunately, you get to see very little of this, because Stephen Baldwin is horny and finds a gorgeous woman fitting the description of the alien and who likes to talk dirty. He then meets up with her again, finds she looks different, and has sex with her. He then finds later she can change shape, and so he has sex with her again…and again…and again. If you want a good look at Stephen Baldwin’s tattoos, I guess this is one way to go about it.

The alien presents an interesting being. Her name is Amelia, and she is played by five different actresses over the course of the film, beginning and ending with the wonderful Bai Ling, who unfortunately doesn’t get much in the way of screen time. You might think it’s weird to go all in on an alien species, but Amelia’s actually more like an evolved human; she points out that at some point soon, humanity will eliminate all diseases and either die out or become something similar to her species. The downside: she has a disease which is what causes the shape changing, and this is somehow related to the process of eliminating all other diseases. Her disease also happens to be fatal, limiting her lifespan to around 150 years or so. Did I mention her species is effectively immortal otherwise? Yeah, maybe I should have mentioned that.

Anyway, there is another key feature to Amelia’s species, and that is that they gain energy and prove their might through pleasure, meaning sex, as opposed to humanity’s predisposition towards destruction, which means where a bunch of drunk guys go around shooting punks and trying to shoot aliens. Over the course of the film, apparently Amelia discovers that doing the nasty with Stephen Baldwin is also curing her disease, so yeah, she’s willing to put up with her racist parents and take a human back home.

If you think I’ve brought up sex a lot, that’s because poorly lit sex scenes make for like half the movie. The rest of the time it’s just poorly lit. You probably shouldn’t expect to see much, because you simply can’t. Night lasts like 22 hours a day in the city of the future.

If you feel like watching Repo Man…go watch that instead. Seriously. If you feel like a bad porno, there’s plenty of that online. You probably shouldn’t bother with Dead Weekend, but hey, I like Bai Ling.

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