It’s That Time

Folks, a while back I mentioned that I’d be moving from the hectic two-a-day review pace down to one, and today is the day. Instead of my usual morning review, I’ll have an afternoon one posted and then go back to mornings from now on.

Over the past few months, I’ve enjoyed going through my pile of old reviews as well as writing new ones, and I’ve made it a point to try and develop consistency in what I present you. One thing was to ensure that my writings always have a minimum of 500 words, and unfortunately I’ve discovered many of the things I used to write don’t always meet even this bare minimum. Hell, sometimes I’d just jot down a few sentences for reference later or even combine two film reviews into one. I’d rather keep things focused on new pictures for you guys, so I’m slowing down a bit to better give you all better quality.

I’m also open to ideas to help folks further along a love for the weird and wonderful world of cult cinema. One thing that interests me is looking at short films, because they don’t often get much love either. Another is considering documentaries that focus on cult film, because these not only provide good info, they also serve as a great springboard for finding new movies to seek out.

I hope you enjoy this…the three of you that actually read these things anyway. Most of my likes appear to be from beauty blogs, which is kind of odd yet also oddly fitting.

Anyway, I look forward to continuing on my crazy film adventures and enjoying as much schlock as I can. I hope I can point you all to something interesting. And if there is some weird sort of subset of films you want to see more of, let me know. I’ll happily explore in that direction and write up what I find.

2 thoughts on “It’s That Time

    1. Yep, beauty blogs and you! Don’t worry, I’ve got more on the way. I’ve been on a horror kick for a long time, but I should be mixing in more science fiction soon too. I know how you like the sci-fi!


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