Ghoulies II (1988)

The sequel to Ghoulies takes place in a carnival, though this time the actual ghoulies feel like way more of the focus instead of some undead Satanist magic crap. As a result, I ended up liking this movie a lot more than the original. The little demons run amok in a funhouse, they kill a few annoying teenagers and fight the carnival workers, and things get really crazy when they get loose on the carnival grounds and begin destroying rides and killing folks randomly. Also, they bring back the toilet thing, only this time it’s a far nastier scene in which someone gets their dangly bits…taken care of. We’ll just put it that way.

In the end, the heroes are forced to summon a much bigger version of one of the ghoulies to go around and eat the little buggers. Only thing is, the thing then wants to eat a little person who works at the carnival and is an all around cool guy. Since we can’t be having that in our movie, they take a small costume, rig a molotov into it, and use it to blow up the big ghoulie from the inside. It’s a little strange, but I’ll take it. It’s still not a couple of wizard dudes fighting it out in some guy’s basement. Plus that carnival employee was a great character. We’re not losing him.

Did you know that carnival rides with no mechanical parts can explode? I didn’t, but the ghoulies sure did. Hell yeah, high five, bro.

As I said before, I liked Ghoulies II more than the first. There is one new monster, a flying bat thing, and the actual ghoulies get way more screen time and attention than in the first movie. They also actually use that toilet visual thing, which was an added afterthought in the first movie after the movie poster was photographed. Will Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College be even better? I don’t know, but I’m hoping it’s a whole lot dumber.

Also, who leaves a giant vat of toxic solvent just sitting open in their garage? I mean, really?

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