The Fly II (1989)

The Fly is an incredible movie that provides both excellent body horror shocks and wonderful performances along with a stellar plot. Its sequel…not so much.

Sure, it can be every bit as gross, but the script just isn’t up to snuff of its Academy Award-winning predecessor. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out if you like monster movies, because the Martin Fly is quite imposing and an impressive looking puppet, both hideous and awesome. Once again, the makeup and practical effects are phenomenal.

But The Fly II falters due to its bad script, which produces some bland characters. You have the “mean” scientists who are likely overworked. You have the head of security who is mean for no real reason. You have the evil CEO who wants to make money on mutation and will do anything to do it, including keeping alive a mutant dog…for some reason. It’s not like they were studying him. And why did they literally throw him in a hole full of hay? There have been much better corporate boogeymen in 1980s sci-fi films (I’m looking at you, Dick Jones). I don’t blame the actors: Garry Chalk does a smarmy rent-a-cop really well, and Eric Stoltz does a good job of coming across as highly intelligent but immature and naive. But despite that, they’re playing caricatures of characters. Yeah, this is definitely the script’s fault.

Still, nice acid spit.

What’s it about? Well, Jeff Goldblum’s lady friend from the first film gives birth to a mutant maggot baby and dies. The mutant maggot baby grows up rapidly into a superhuman, who is monitored by an evil CEO that supplied Goldblum with the tech he needed for teleportation pods. Maggot baby is made to work on the pods and discovers a dog he loved has been mutated by them and kept alive. Maggot baby also learns he is a maggot baby, so he decides to teleport himself with another person to get all the good human genes while totally screwing over whoever he teleports with. Maggot baby then mutates into Martin Fly, spits acid, and uses the CEO to teleport, turning him into a human and the CEO into a hideous fly thing to be kept in a pit with hay. End of movie.

Did I mention that I really liked the acid spit? Hands down, best part.

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