Nightbeast (1982)

A fanged red alien in a disco suit arrives in a small town, melts a bunch of folks into stars with his laser pistol, and then mauls people for no real reason. Meanwhile, a renegade biker dude with a bad attitude beats and murders his girlfriend and then attacks the sheriff, while the mayor has the governor over for a house party that he refuses to cancel like he was in Jaws or something, and the sheriff tries to maintain order and get everyone out of town…when he’s not too busy suddenly awkwardly having sex with his deputy. In fact, I want to share a quote with you from one of my favorite websites (which sadly appears to no longer be updating),

“The embarrassing sex scene does take place after Lisa finishes her shower. I was quite horrified when Cinder got naked and they flopped onto the bed. The actress playing Lisa was tan, while the actor playing Cinder was, ah, not tan. Take a nicely browned hot dog and put it on your plate. Now, dump a cup of cottage cheese on it. There, you have an idea of what the sex scene looked like.”

I really can’t say it any better than that. Seriously, you can see the pastiness from space.

To say Nightbeast is a little rough around the edges is to put things mildly. The acting is largely atrocious, but the gore and the evil alien’s appearance are both well done…except for his clothes. Like, John Travolta wouldn’t be caught dead in those digs.

I like to think that the alien in this movie traveled 10 trillion miles only to miss disco, and that’s why he’s killing people.

Nightbeast is notable for a couple of reasons: first, it is actually a remake by scifi/horror director Don Dohler of his first film, The Alien Factor, and second, the soundtrack was handled by one J. J. Abrams. Yes, that J. J. Abrams. Nightbeast was the first movie he ever worked on.

Should you see it? Eh, it’s probably not worth spending money on. Which is fine, because the movie is usually streaming for free on Amazon Prime. Other than that, no, don’t pay money…unless you like disco and really white sex scenes.

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