Late Phases (2014)

A blind Vietnam vet and his seeing eye dog are placed into a gated retirement community by his son. That first night, a werewolf attacks his neighbor and kills his dog. Now this vet has a month to get buff, get some bullets, and get ready to take down his nemesis lycanthrope out of revenge for his dog. Yeah, it’s a geriatric John Wick with werewolves. It’s also mostly not a good movie. Mostly.

What went wrong? Well for one thing the old people werewolves look pretty goofy in my opinion, and they prance. Really. I probably could have looked this over, but I made the mistake of watching this with my stepbrother, and he’s spent time working in a wolf sanctuary in New Mexico, so he gets really picky with his werewolf movies. It also doesn’t help that the werewolves look like old rag doll teddy bears, but hey, they’re older than Larry King, so I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on them.

Also, this is an indie film, and some of those actors are definitely indie actors. The two cops are by far the worst of the lot. They’re atrocious, and I bet they spent their time offset talking to each other like they think Shakespeare sounded.

But it’s not all bad! Honest! In particular the lead, Nick Damici, is really good as the grizzled blind veteran. I believe him, both in that he’s blind and that he’s a total asshole. By the end I found myself wishing the movie around him was better because he deserved it to be. Damici has done some great work in horror and thriller cinema, particularly his film Stake Land. Now that’s a movie you should go see.

Hell, you should probably see this one too. Damici deserves more attention.

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