Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)

Oh dear. Set several years after the original Slumber Party Massacre, young Courtney Bates has grown up. She’s on the verge of adulthood, plays in a rock band, and plans to spend the weekend with friends at a family condo and enjoy some serious alone time with the hunk she’s been dreaming of. Unfortunately she’s no longer dreaming about him though. Instead her dreams are now nightmares focusing on a crazed rockstar with a drill guitar who likes to penetrate people with both his lyrics and his instrument. Is it all just in her head? Is it really happening? Is she on drugs, or in an asylum, or back home in bed?

Who cares?! What matters is that it’s damned ridiculous and yet still ends up fun once it finally gets going!

That said, it takes a while. Most of this movie is build up consisting of fan service and dream sequences. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since Courtney’s bandmates include the likes of a Playboy Playmate, but I found myself a little bored because I thought there were no stakes. Seriously, she sleeps, she has a bad dream, she gets scared, but otherwise that was it. Even when her dreams begin to manifest into hallucinations, the escalation didn’t seem like enough. After a while it became, “Oh, another dream. This time with a raw chicken” or “This time with a bathtub,” or finally “This time with a huge zit.” Meanwhile she’s practically drooling over a guy she knows while her friends write songs and loudly have sex behind closed doors. Until the boy Courtney has been after arrives. And then gets killed. With a drill through the chest.

Boom, suddenly there are stakes. And not only are there stakes, but the guy on the other end of the drill manifests in full force, and he is AMAZING. The Driller Killer, as he is known, is a psychopathic rockabilly musician in the best possible way, who talks in lyrics, drinks heavily, and dances for his victims before going right for their hearts. There’s a freaking dance number in the middle of the movie, which the killer starts by breaking the fourth wall, all while the remaining survivors are freaking out and trying to crawl away. They are screaming and sobbing, and this asshole is having the best possible time making a music video for us but steadily getting closer. I swear, he’s worth watching the movie for by himself!

Sure, it’s dumb. Sure, it drags. I don’t care, the Driller Killer made up for all of it. There’s also quite a few winks and nods to other horror movies in here too, like a pair of cops named Officers Kreuger and Vorhees, and of course our dear final girl Bates and the actual film The Driller Killer. Haha, oh man, I had a good time with this one.

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