The Shape of Things to Come

Hi there. I’m Evan Conaway, the man behind the curtain, the mook himself. It was requested a while back that I consider writing up a post on why I watch the B- and Z-list movies that I do and why I write about them. I intend to do just that at some point in the near future, but I also wanted to take a moment to pause and evaluate where we are at the moment and talk about the shape of things to come.

If you’ve been checking this blog in the last few weeks, you may have noticed the near-constant flow of reviews. Most of these are older works that I’ve had on hand for a long time, hence why I’ve been able to post at the rate of two a day. This won’t last forever, mind you, I will inevitably slow down at some point. You may also have noticed some changes in the design, small shifts in tags, more options for finding previously posted reviews, and so forth. This is all part of the ongoing plan to help guide where all of this is going.

Where is it going? Well, the reason I did all of this was partly to highlight the reviews I’ve been writing on my own for years, but also because I wanted to show just what all was out there in the wide world of cinema. Of course, this gets more into the “Why” of it, which I promise is coming later. For now, I intend to explore more with searchability. Perhaps even an index for the reviews so people can more easily go through and find notes on specific titles. I have seen these executed well on other sites.

I also intend to put up a list of additional sites worth checking, be they for film or for other media that interests me. This is because cinema is not a singular experience; many of us experience it in an audience as a faceless mass in a darkened room, or we share films with friends or loved ones while sitting together on the couch, laughing, crying, and caring together. By pointing people towards others, I can in some way help to continue this shared experience by connecting how we talk and read about film and media. Lofty goals, yes, but ones I believe to be worthy even if my own role is only a small one.

But back to the nitty gritty of running things here. In the future, I will be using the “Housekeeping” tag for these kinds of posts that don’t cover a film but instead come directly from me to you. I think it’s important to separate these from the rest of what we read and discuss.

Also, please feel free to comment on reviews or pieces, including this one. I do read the few that I get, even if I don’t always respond. Discussion is key to engaging in the shared experience. Oh, and if ever you have a request…and a suggested way to track down said request…you can always email me too.


Evan, the Mook

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