Flesh for Frankenstein (1973)

Finally, the erotic Frankenstein movie that nobody wanted.

Flesh for Frankenstein, also known as Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein, isn’t as gory as a lot of films nowadays, or probably as shocking, but it is still a gross film. It’s about Baron Frankenstein, played by a young Udo Kier, and his sister/wife Lady Frankenstein, and their perverse sexual desires and deviancy. Of particular note is the scene in which Dr. Frankenstein gets off while shoving his hands in his female monster’s open abdominal incision, but that’s not where it ends. It turns out the Baron wants to build a perfect Serbian male and female to reproduce and take over the world with an army of children who revere him as a god. Also, the Frankenstein children are sadists, his assistant is a crazy-eyed pervert who thinks sex involves disemboweling people, there’s a heroic peasant guy boning his sister/wife, and the head he just attached to his male creation is asexual. What’s a perverted mad scientist to do?

If you read that part about Serbians and wondered if there was any connection to A Serbian Film, don’t worry. There isn’t. Well, outside of some necrophilia, but hey, you can always get that from the Nekromantik series instead, you sick fuck.

Did you know this movie was in 3D? It was in Europe. All these reviews have seriously made me question the tastes of European cinema goers.

This movie is dark, perverse, and struggles with Udo Kier’s accent. Yeah, he got better about it later, but here it’s still pretty rough. But the movie stands out in a pack of films covering the same literary subject matter. Flesh for Frankenstein is different, but there are several adaptations of this story I’d much rather watch before seeing this again. Those have less…thrusting.

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