School of the Holy Beast (1974)

When I said earlier that I enjoyed nunsploitation, I meant it, and School of the Holy Beast delivers.

A woman infiltrates a nunnery to find out about the parents that supposedly abandoned or orphaned her. In the process, she discovers sadism, corruption, thievery, homosexuality, and torture are pretty much what nuns do all day every day in Japan. To top it off, what happened with her parents is a terrible secret concealed by the matron of the convent and a Japanese priest who gave up on God years ago when he survived the atomic blast at Nagasaki. Now that’s some good commentary!

Yes, this movie offers up a criticism on Christianity, but it can also be seen as a criticism of Western culture or of humanity in general. The important thing is that God isn’t here. Instead, we’re getting masochism! Self-flagellation, lesbian love scenes, and pain abound in this convent full of erotic secrets. Yeah, it’s trashy, and yet it’s lovely at the same time. This is exactly why I watch nunsploitation movies.

If ever you wanted to see a nun smoking a joint, well now you can. Or if you ever wanted to watch topless nuns whip each other. Thank goodness for you, Japan.

Oh, and go to the bathroom before you watch this film. Trust me, it’s important.

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