Dead & Buried (1981)

A series of bizarre murders of outsiders is taking place in the lovely, foggy town of Potter’s Bluff, and Sheriff Dan Gillis is at a loss as to how to explain what’s going on. Now he must face both a hidden murderous violence and his wife’s unusual behavior as he uncovers the terrible truth of what’s happening to his lovely small town.

It’s difficult to get into any greater detail then that, as the secret in Potter’s Bluff is shocking and disturbing, and knowing what that secret is and how deep it goes can change how you view the film. Just know that I loved watching Sheriff Gillis slowly uncover the plot to its twist ending. There’s some nasty gore along the way, and some hideous murders, including a syringe used to murder a man that is…well, it’s something all right. And rewatching parts of the movie knowing the twist makes my skin crawl.

Normally I don’t care about spoilers, but Dead & Buried can really be a make or break experience based on it, so you NEED to go into the first viewing ignorant of what you’ll find. It’s worth watching. Even telling you what kind of horror movie it is will give away too much. Just know that I really enjoyed it, and you’re doing yourself a favor going into it blind.

For notoriety’s sake, this is another one of those Video Nasties. It’s a shame too, since we’re once again in Visiting Hours territory where the film wasn’t anywhere near as nasty as its contemporaries. It’s definitely got moments far grosser than Shatner’s acting, but it’s not anywhere close to Anthropophagus level.

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