Street Trash (1987)

Well, how else was I gonna follow up Microwave Massacre? This’ll melt your face, son.

Bums living in a junkyard fight each other, rape and murder a mob don’s girlfriend, piss off a local cop, and drink old liquor that causes them to melt and/or explode. That right there should tell you all you need to know about whether you will enjoy this movie. Street Trash was written with one goal in mind: to offend people. Whether it’s sexual harassment, racism, PTSD-fueled murder sprees, or playing Monkey in the Middle with a man’s severed junk, this movie truly has something for everyone. The homeless are treated as subhuman scum, people beat up and then urinate or vomit on one another, a guy makes a shank out of a human femur…hell, there’s even necrophilia. And then there is the melting. There is so much melting in this movie.

The premise is actually pretty simple: two brothers try to deal with living in a junkyard officially maintained by a worthless jerk who likes to harass his secretary but is really run by a psycho Vietnam vet, while a cop investigates murders in the area and a mob boss tries to get revenge for his girlfriend’s murder. Also a liquor store owner nearby sells cheap booze that makes people melt into pretty colors. There’s blue, orange, yellow…and there is a lot of it. And that’s the plot, folks. Really, it’s a ridiculous movie, and it continually goes so far overboard that it actually ends up pretty laughable. I actually enjoyed the movie because it was willing to not only go to the brink of bad taste but smash through it with a phallic semi spouting racial epithets with bodily fluids spraying out the back. And then the semi does doughnuts on the brink’s mutilated corpse. This movie knows what it is and revels in it. I highly recommend it.

Also Bryan Singer worked on it. Oh, and it was directed by J. Michael Muro, who is James Cameron’s Steadicam operator of choice. That this movie has a connection to Avatar is probably the most disgusting thing I can find about it. Because which is worse: watching folks throw around a severed penis or having to see aliens use their hair’s sexual organs to commit bestiality? Because that’s what they’re doing in Avatar. Think about it.

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