Cyber Tracker (1994)

Don “The Dragon” Wilson is a secret service agent in a future world where a corrupt CEO has successfully implemented robots into the Department of Justice, completely circumventing the need for the judicial system. Unfortunately for Don, the senator he is protecting is completely corrupt and backs the Cybercore corporation to the point he is willing to commit murder. When Don finds out, he goes on the run, and Cybercore sends their robot killing machine, The Tracker, after him. Soon Don finds himself working alongside a small rebel terrorist group trying to bring down Cybercore. Will they be successful? Will Don clear his name? Will The Dragon get to take his shirt off and fight a guy in soft blue lighting?

You know it!

Actually, I will give this movie credit for having a good reason for Don to lose his shirt; he uses it to help staunch another person’s bullet wound and then gets interrupted immediately afterward. And Wilson looks like he knows what to do in a fight, even if the guys taking the beatings don’t always seem to. But the acting in this movie is bad, the script and dialogue silly, and the budget obviously tiny. Apparently Trackers are made of some super material that occasionally lets physical objects pass through them, but seems to do so randomly, thus allowing Don to stick a bomb inside of one during a climactic final battle. It has shades of Terminator 2, but it never appears consistent, and the reasoning behind it is explained as thus:

Random dude: “Science words.”

The Dragon: “What?”

Random dude: “I don’t understand it either.”

And then boom, back to people shooting at each other.

I feel there are much better cyberpunk B-movies out there (hello, Albert Pyun. I kid, I kid), but if you are a fan of Don “The Dragon” Wilson, or you want a cheap Terminator 2 knock-off that has all the acting chops of a wet noodle, well, here you go.

Still better than R.O.T.O.R.

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