Fireback (1983)

Straight out of the Philippines in an attempt to look like Vietnam come the most anticipated First Blood wannabe knock-off of 1983 that nobody knew about: Fireback! Richard Harrison, possibly the greatest of the 1980s white dude movie ninjas, is a weapons expert who gets captured along with his latest super weapon by the Vietnamese military. When he finally gets released, he discovers his wife has been kidnapped, and he’s being framed for crimes that he didn’t commit. How does he resolve this situation? Through VIOLENCE!

Slowly he works his way through the criminal underworld of fake blind people, Asian actors with golden hands, and bad strippers until he finds his wife dead in a sewer, all thanks to a local mob boss. So now the mob and the local cops are after him, and they’re recruiting a posse of local civilians to help out, because civilians are exactly the kind of thing you need to throw at a raging vet in the midst of a PTSD-fueled murder fest. But they best look out, because Richard Harrison can build a super weapon out of spare parts found in his car!

Oh no, the mob has a ninja! But this is Richard Harrison, super ninja! So much murder because a mobster wanted to bone another guy’s wife. But nobody can handle Richard Harrison and his amazing PVC super weapon!

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