Killdozer (1974)


Construction workers out in the Pacific are clearing an island for a mega corporation to develop. They must battle the elements, each other, and the alcoholism that afflicts them. But under the harsh regime of 1970s uber-corporate reality, they discover an alien entity subsiding within a meteor. And soon that alien lashes out with the most devastating weapon it can inhabit: A GOD DAMN BULLDOZER!


It will give you thrills. It will give you chills. It will make you question whether mankind’s construction equipment has become TOO POWERFUL.

Nothing can stop the Killdozer. Not high explosives. Not cranes. Not dramatically long sequences in which a bulldozer slowly bares down on someone who could simply have gotten out of the damn jeep and walked away, like that scene in the first Austin Powers movie with the road roller, only this time done with completely serious intent.

But the human spirit must persevere against all odds, be it against loneliness, the demon drink, rock music, or steadily growing insanity. Mankind must not let these poor plot devices stand in its way.

For in the grim dark 1970s of humanity, there is only Killdozer.

God, I love this movie.  It’s the epitome of crap; it’s low budget, it’s ludicrous, and it’s taking itself completely serious.  It’s also become a small hallmark of cult cinema thanks to media exposure in such places as Beavis and Butt-Head and Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Hell, there was a metal band named after it.  Yet it is a strangely compelling feature, most likely because you’ll be laughing at it.

Thank God for Killdozer.

One thought on “Killdozer (1974)

  1. Ah, it’s adapted from Theodore Sturgeon’s story by the same name (he also worked on the film script) — the original story is a supposed “classic.” I couldn’t tolerate it… and probably didn’t finish.


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