Slugs, Muerte Viscosa (1988)

Oh, oh, it’s just…oh, that’s nasty. Oh, gross. Please, movie, stop! Oh God, why? Why did those explode out of his face? Why did the slugs choose to eat her eyeball while she was still alive? Why did that dead man’s intestines explode?

Slugs is another creature feature, like The Nest, only far grosser in my opinion and with even more intense gore effects but even worse acting. In this movie, local health inspector Mike Brady discovers that mutant man-eating slugs are breeding at an intense rate in the sewer system of his town, and now they’re out eating people and infecting them with their parasites. It’s up to Brady to fend off the mayor and the world’s most hard ass sheriff while he teams up with a local chemist and the head of the sanitation department to whoop some slimy slug ass, all while the kids throw a killer Halloween party that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the rest of the film outside of getting one girl killed by slugs all because she wouldn’t put out.

Yes, female sexuality is on full display here. Unfortunately unlike most slasher films, where the virginal girl ends up the sole survivor as the genre tries to work out its bizarre inner feelings on the nature of women as sexual entities, it doesn’t much matter in this film which way the ladies go. Had sex? Gonna die. Not had sex? Gonna die. I guess the slugs just aren’t picky. Or since they’re all hermaphrodites, they don’t really understand what “female” sexuality is anyway.

But what you’re really here for is the acting, right? I certainly hope not, as the acting will suddenly shift from normal conversation to batshit crazy at times. Brady can go from dude doing ok to dude having a mental breakdown to dude shouting at everyone around him at the drop of a hat, and he often does in the weirdest ways and occasionally at the worst times! Of course, having been bitten by a killer slug on the finger, I guess it makes sense that he’d freak out, but he just kind of does it in the middle of the film and stays that way until the end. And then he gets calm…and then another of his friends dies and instead of getting emotional, he shouts at the worlds most hard ass sheriff, who does a complete 180 on how his character behaves, and then has a brief and touching chat with the chemist, who apparently completely comforts him with two lines about how his friend knew the dangers.


Face it, you’re not watching this for plot, folks. You’re watching it to be disgusted, and it is quite effective at that. At least it was for me. The sheer grossness of this movie, particularly the guy’s face exploding with parasitic worms, well…yeah. Well played, Juan Piquer Simón. You definitely succeeded here. And the special effects were quite good. I definitely appreciate a good toilet kill, and you handled yours off screen but still make me not want to go to the bathroom. A slow clap is in order.

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