A.P.E.X. (1994)

In the future, we send probes into the past. Yet for some reason instead of trying to send small objects or things of that nature, we send faulty killbots. After sending one such killbot probe to the 1970s, Dr. Nicholas Sinclair decides to travel back in time to stop it from killing a family, only to unwittingly bring with him a super virus from the future which splits time. Sinclair returns to find killbots streaming from the actual timeline into the false one to try and correct it by killing off the incredibly contagious virus, which has destroyed Sinclair’s present. So now he has to fix the problem by traveling to his facility in the alternate timeline and contacting the actual timeline while killer robots stalk him.

Unfortunately between the often wooden acting of the lead, the bland script, and the overemphasis on browns, reds, and blacks that just sap the life out of the film, A.P.E.X. just never seems to take off. The killbots look hokey, but Sinclair is just dull and never seems to exhibit much emotion about the events around him, and the continual shade of dirt that the cinematographer seemed obsessed with mutes the film to such extreme that it comes across as disinterested in itself.

As for the rest of the characters, they try to liven things up but were written as stereotypes of action characters. I don’t want to blame the actors though. The guys which make up the small squad of soldiers that Sinclair spends the majority of the film with seem to be genuinely trying, and really they’re the only part worth watching the film for.  This is an example where the bit players are the folks really saving the day.

Yeah, it’s bland and brought down by the slew of much better time travel films out there (like The Terminator, which this film wishes it could be). I wouldn’t recommend it to many folks.

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