Xtro 2: The Second Encounter (1990)

The first Xtro was a gory alien-fest advertised as an anti-E.T. that managed to make it onto the dreaded Video Nasty list in the UK. Xtro 2 is a cheap and cheesy Alien rip-off that only vaguely resembles the first movie. While previous events are referenced, said previous events didn’t actually happen in the first Xtro, so I have no idea what in the hell anyone is talking about.

Basically a bunch of scientists create a portal to another world, but the first crew sent in all die except one. Basically, it’s Stargate but nastier. Unfortunately for her, the lone survivor comes back infected with the ugly alien, who then wrecks havoc on the facility. However, since people are smart, most everybody abandons the place at the first hint of trouble and put the facility on lockdown. That leaves us with our heroes: the people too stupid to get the hell out who are now trapped in with said ugly alien and facing a timetable for decontamination via flooding with radioactive material. By the end, nearly all of them have died, including that guy who played Krycek on The X-Files.

But the hippy soldier makes it. In fact he turns out to be the only interesting character, making weird ass comments about communion wafers and auras while making sandwiches. Thank goodness he’s also one of the few survivors. I hated him at first and then realized he was the comic relief. Not bad for a guy who doesn’t mind warfare because he believes in reincarnation.

Come if you want to see the odd cheesy gore effect. Stay for the dark camera work and terrible soundtrack. Avoid if you want to watch something good.  Xtro 2 can safely be avoided, even if you enjoyed the first one, unless you are really into your Alien knock-offs.

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