Demon Wind (1990)

The tagline for this should be, “It blows.”

In the 1930s, somewhere in rural America-totally-not-the-English-moors, a demon possesses a dude and makes him murder his wife. In present day rural America-totally-not-the-English-moors, the dead folks’ grandson shows up at a run down gas station with his girlfriend, who promptly shows him her butt. Then his friends show up, which consist of a jock douche bag who sexually assaults the hero’s girlfriend, the nerdy guy who seems ok but has a rat tail hairstyle, a couple of magicians, and the girlfriends, who aren’t important enough to have personalities. These folks are going to the hero’s dead grandparents’ farm, which of course the locals don’t like, so the gas station owner acts like a jerk and pulls a gun. Long story short, hero and friends end up at the ruins and discover it’s being attacked by demons, which steadily turn everyone into demons one by one. The DEMON WIND is also some kind of fog that rolls in whenever it feels like.

What follows is demons that bleed yellow from small squibs, puke a lot, and have bad acne and dental hygiene. They convince people to come out of the house so the demons can kill them. People know they shouldn’t leave the house…and then they do. They flat out admit they’re being tricked, and then they leave. Also, more friends show up: fodder a) who has a skeleton earring, and his girlfriend, fodder b), who dies even faster than fodder a) and whose only line is to talk about how beautiful a shrine to Satan is right before it grabs her with its tentacle tongue and then chews her to death with a cow skull. That sentence doesn’t make sense, but it is exactly what happens.

After all this, our hero uses a spell book to turn into a character from Alien Nation and fight the son of Satan by…making fun of him apparently? Oh, and then his girlfriend casts a spell which makes him explode. The hero and his girlfriend return to the gas station to kill the evil gas station attendant’s demon daughter, and then they drive away, leaving behind a child demon and the possibility of a sequel. I’d rather they have backed up to run this thing over, but whatever.

Demon Wind sucks. It’s laughably bad. I had a good time hating myself for watching it.

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